Website updates and new payment options

I’ve updated the Tribal Wallah website!

It’s got all the classes I’m teaching for the new year listed under “Dance with us”, with the correct date, times, and it also includes payment options to prepay for your classes with Paypal.  Right now the best way I could figure out how to do the Paypal with an “early bird” deal is to offer “early bird” rates if you sign up for a four month billing subscription (January through April).  If you don’t want to do that you can just pay for your classes in advance once month at a time at the regular rate.  I’ll still take cash, checks and cards when we are at class.

There is no option to buy punch cards online; you have to buy them at class and there is no early bird discount on punch cards either.  I’m just offering five-class cards for now ($70) as well since they have a two month expiration.

Classes start back up next week on Tuesday, January 7th and I’m excited to get back into classes! I hope I’ll be seeing you soon!

Oh, for now on forward, I should be at the studio 30 minutes prior to a class start time (5:30 weekdays and noon on Sundays), but not any earlier.  Just so you all know!

New Year changes to lists / email communcation

In an attempt to simplify my life I’m going to try something new for the new year with regard to communication.  I’m going to have one group list for the performers, aka Tribal Wallah, and another one for all class-related info called “Space for Movement classes” (includes Tribal Style Belly Dance, Dance Conditioning and Bhangra & Bollywood Workout), and all communication regarding classes or performances will happen via those lists.  I’m also going to be moving over completely to Google groups which seems to be an easier interface to use even if you don’t have a Google / gmail account.  I’ve already added the ladies to the Tribal Wallah Google group that performed with us in the fall.  If you plan to perform with us in the Spring or Summer and have not previously performed with us, please let me know and I’ll add you to that list.   I do need to know within the month if you want to participate in the community recital, Cymbal Salaam, scheduled to be held Saturday, June 3rd.  Not only will you need to come to regular Tribal Style classes for your level, but you also need to attend Prep class on Sunday if you wish to perform.

Everyone else that has been in one of my classes in the last six months will be added to the Space for Movement Google Group over the next week.  All my distribution lists will be deleted and this yahoo group will be archived and deactivated by the end of January.

If you are a student in one of our classes and would like to ask to be added to the studio email list, please contact us via email to Join Our Email List